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Dear Parents, GrandParents, and Guardians,

We like to think that Albert the Fox stories and art stand on their own. But, we also believe that these stories are a resource to people who love children and, especially, children trying to figure their adventure with anxiety. Anxiety and fear are a tough path for a child to walk. My family has experienced it firsthand, and we know it is not easy. Many other families also have. Did you know that 1 out of 5 children expressed consistent feelings of anxiety? We want to help as many children as possible. On this page and on the Big People Blog, we post articles, helpful resources, and lots of things that helped my family and others. 

​        This is the mission of Albert the Fox Stories:




Don't Forget: Albert the Fox Stories always end with follow up questions for your child and for you. Some of the questions are for fun, some for reading comprehension and a couple to begin or continue conversations about anxiety. Please connect with us and share your Albert the Fox Story experience on Instagram.


To be a leading resource for parents &

children bravely facing anxiety. 

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