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Green. Gray. Black. White.

I sat across from a friend going over leadership techniques. I also coach leaders and orgs through change. As we talked through staff structure, a giant green sign in their meeting space caught my eye.

"What is Project 375," I asked. "And why is the logo so, uh, green?"

That is when I first heard about the mission of Project 375, a non-profit, helping advance mental health awareness. Naturally, from my family's experience, this now had my full attention.

But, I still had not heard the answer to part two of my question. Why so green? The answer made so much sense. The number 375 is the Pantone for the color green used to bring awareness to mental health. Maybe you've seen that shade of green used?

Segway to the creation of Albert the Fox and our fantastic illustrator and Creative Director, Nathalie (Guevara) White. Our creative discussions developed a book that has clean white space, intricate design elements, and Pantone 375, all the while using South Florida foliage (we have more than beaches).

So, if you wondered about our color palette... well... now you know :) Green, gray, black, and white.

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