e v e r y d a y   a d v e n t u r e


Every day, Albert the Fox wakes up, looking for a big adventure. Today he is on a mission to climb the tallest tree in the forest. While climbing the tree with his best friend, Walter the Big Black Bear, a storm moves in with gusty winds! For the first time, Albert is afraid. Will Albert overcome his fear?


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Helping Children Talk About Anxiety through Story.


Our Author

Erik Bennett first wrote stories during Math class in third grade and has the report card to prove it, "He daydreams sometimes."

​Years later, this imagination made its way into the bedtime routine of creating stories with each of his children. This is where Albert the Fox Stories were born. 

Erik pastored families for 20 years and now coaches organizations in leadership and change. He resides in beautiful South Florida with his wife, three children, and two dogs while pursuing his Ph.D.

Our Illustrator

Nathalie White’s love of art started at a young age, drawing, and sketching. She went on to study architecture at the University of Florida and now resides with her husband and two children in sunny Southwest Florida. 


She currently practices architecture and stays inspired by all design forms, whether a building, sketching, or photography. Her adventures in nature still inspire her most. 


Nathalie met The Bennett's when Erik pastored her student ministry. She met weekly with his wife and ate all of their cookies.


A portion of all proceeds goes directly to support the efforts of Project 375.

Project 375 started helping families and children in 2012 and has reached over 10,000 families impacted by mental health. 

For more about Project 375 visit them online and get involved.


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